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Many people consider prostate play to be non-heterosexual and link it to homosexual play. This is most unfortunate as prostate play is actually a very popular form of heterosexual play and in recent years it is becoming increasingly popular regardless of someone’s sexuality. Anal play, and indeed prostate play, does not make someone gay nor does their enjoyment of such play indicate their sexuality in any form. People will inevitably do whatever feels good to them, and their sexuality is linked to how they enjoy their body stimulated. By that I mean that people will do what feels good and comfortable for them, regardless of sexuality. Indeed, most boys learn to stimulate the prostate without necessarily realizing it.

anal toys

During sex, most men will thrust forward penis first, what this does is this places pressure on the anal cavity which in turn places a small amount of pressure on the prostate. For most boys, this is why during ejaculation they will thrust forward and hold that thrust whilst they ejaculate. Further, a lot of men enjoy stimulation to the bit of skin between the base of the balls and ass. This bit of skin, also known as the perineum and colloquially as the gooch, is how to stimulate the prostate externally. By placing a small vibrator on that piece, or stroking it with fingers, finger nails, a tongue or any other form of stimulation can be enough to induce orgasms quite quickly.

As you can see, the prostate is actually known as the male g-spot and with it contains a network of very sensitive nerve endings. Further, the prostate is actually a very important gland for both sex and sexual pleasure and it is essential that we look after it. The prostate is also susceptible to prostate cancer, and research has demonstrated that regular masturbation and ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer. Seminal fluid needs to be expelled from the body before it becomes a hazard. Failure to remove this forces the body to do it itself – which is usually why boys experience wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions. This is the body’s way of expelling seminal fluid that has remained in the body for too long and a fresh supply is needed. By holding this fluid in it for extended periods it can cause damage to the gland and reproductive system. As you can see, the prostate is a gland that needs to be looked after and there are certainly ways to ensure that it is looked after.

Consider it this way, prostate play can give incredibly powerful orgasms and help you experience new forms of sexual satisfaction, and that at the very least is worth you trying some new experiences!

So which toy should I choose?

This is where things get exciting. If you’re new to all this, I recommend you follow this step by step guide. It will walk you through the basics of choosing a good prostate stimulator for your personal needs. These are the important things you need to know and decide upon, before buying one.

Unfortunately, there is no universal ‘best’ male stimulator on the market. It all comes down to personal preference. One guy might prefer the rumble and excitement of a vibrating toy, like the LELO Loki, another guy may enjoy the simplicity of a standard stimulator, like the Aneros Helix Syn. Ultimately, the best device is one that makes you happy and gets you off.

The easiest way to find the best prostate stimulator for you is to break it up into two categories: vibrating and standard (non-vibrating).


these are generally the most popular as the vibrations help to relax the anus while providing strong intense stimulation to the prostate. Below you will find few of my personal favourite vibrating stimulators.

–         Leloloki wave

–         Leloloki

–         Lelohugo

–         Aneros Vice

–         L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

–         Rocks off Rude-Boy


These are the no frill, standard massagers. They work simply by their anatomical design, perfectly shaped to fit into a man’s rectum and stimulate the prostate. Some are meant to be physically operated. Others are completely hands free, and simply just needs to be inserted, with the squeezing and contracting of the rectal muscles doing all the work.

–         Njoy pure wand

–         Aneros Helix Syn

–         AnerosProgasm

–         Tantus p-spot dildo


The stimulator you should select is subject to your level of experience with prostate play. I recommend that newcomers should begin with a toy that has a smaller diameter or less overall size. One that’s too large will likely cause discomfort when penetrating the rectum upon insertion. I recommend the Aneros Helix Syn, it’s a great starter plug and isn’t too wide so insertion should be simple and comfortable. A man with more practice would probably elect for something larger and wicked. Some toys are as wide as 2 inches! These are not for the cowardly. The Njoy Pure Wand is perfect for the more experienced user and is fantastic for couples play as well.

Materials – 

what the toy is made of: There are 4 main types of materials, plastic, silicone, steel and glass.


Generally, ABS plastic, so It’s hard and rigid with no flexibility. They can be very effective, but they’re just not as pleasing to the skin or your private parts. The Progasm by Aneros fits in this category. Sometimes a rigid toy is just what the doctor ordered, as non-flexible device can really apply to the P spot.


This is the most luxurious choice, in my opinion. Silicone is the most comparable material to skin so you can be surprised itis used in almost every type of sex toy out there, and the ones used in high quality prostate stimulators are also hypo-allergenic and safe for your body.

stainless steel sex toys

Stainless steel:

Easy to clean, temperature play, solid and nearly indestructible, stainless steel is definitively the way to go if you want to get down and dirty with something reliable.


This is another common route to go, although I personally don’t recommend it, it is completely safe, as long as you closely inspect the toy before use. Make sure there are no cracks or loose pieces of glass on it. The last thing you want to do is have a shard of glass get stuck in your rectum.


Prostate stimulators can be purchased for as little as $20 and can range well over $250. The amount largely depends the quality of the product as well as your ultimate goal for prostate massage. I believe it’s better to spend a little extra money and purchase a high quality toy from a reputable manufacturer, like LELO or Aneros.

Our Recommendations:

Beginner – I suggest the Aneros Helix Syn for beginners, or those who like a smaller toy.

Intermediate – The Lelo Hugo, LokiWave and the Aneros Vice and are incredible if you’ve already experimented with prostate toys, and want something a little more stimulating.

Advanced – The Njoy Pure Wand is great for guys with prostate play experience. If you want to get really jazzy