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Besides from the obvious “omg” orgasm from prostate massaging, there are actually heaps of other health benefits. We’ve all seen the Milking the Prostate video from the 2000 film, Road Trip. And if you haven’t then you should really check out the video here.

The video is comedic, and sure it’s a Hollywood dramatization of a prostate massage or milking. However, as with all Hollywood dramatization’s, there is actually an element of truth within the video. Whilst it won’t necessarily be as quick as what it is in the film, nor as dramatically pleasurable – it is still an incredible experience. Here are some of the factual benefits of a prostate massage.

·         It can help prevent cancer! Yes, early studies have shown that in cultures where prostate massaging is highly practiced the percentage of prostate cancer in men is much lower. Repeated ejaculation decreases the risk of cancer. Seminal fluid is kept within the body and is constantly being produced. When there is no more room in the body for excess fluid, or that fluid is becoming dated – there is potential for that fluid to become toxic in a way. The body’s defense mechanism for that is to flush it out – which is where nocturnal emissions emerge from or wet-dreams.

·         Prostate massages improve blood circulation to the prostate which helps combats erectile dysfunction by helping the gland produce fluid which will mix with the ejaculate and increase circulation helping with impotence.

·         Prostate cancer isn’t the only disease that massaging of the prostate can help prevent, prostatitis; a prostate infection where the gland becomes inflamed and causes genital pain and pelvic pain and unlike prostate cancer it can affect men of all ages. Massaging the prostate can help reduce the risk of prostatitis occurring.

·         It is useful in combating and dealing with painful ejaculation.

·         It can increase the intensity of orgasms during ejaculation.

·         Prostate massages can be done externally or internally. Internally provides the best sensation and is generally considered to be the most effective.

·         Also another added benefit is it helps those who have issues of frequently needing to urinate at night which commonly happens in elder men. It helps decrease inflammation and the risk of developing an enlarged prostate

·         Milking the prostate ultimately increases your metabolic rate which is fantastic for weight loss.

·         Milking the prostate can help with mental illnesses and fighting depression and other mental health issues. During ejaculation and orgasm the brain releases serotonin which allows effective combating of mental illnesses and to dissipate some of the effects of depression and to stabilize moods and other mental disorders.

·         A big one when it comes to penis and prostate health is when you milk the prostate you push through stagnant semen that was left in the penis and prostate. Eliminating the stagnant semen reduces the chance of swelling and diseases.

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Prostate massaging can be explored by a variety of different ways and that can either be with a sexual partner or via solo use. Prostate massages can be performed with toys, or through the simple exploration of a finger and a glove. Prostate massages can deliver full body intense orgasmic pleasure and one of the more interesting thingsin regards to prostate orgasms is that one can climax without necessarily ejaculating allowing the body to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation and bypassing the normal refractory period. That being the length of time it takes the body to recover post ejaculation before being sexually ready and able to perform again.

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, it improves overall erectile function and increases seminal fluid and circulation. Who knew that something so fun could be so healthy!