Tips to improve prostate health for men

Tips to improve prostate health for men

The prostate is an exclusive male organ and has a vital role in men’s reproductive function so it is essential to do everything to improve prostate health. As the age ranges between 45-51, sometimes the prostate gland gradually increases in size naturally and creates an obstruction for the passage of urine.

The most common symptom is when men’s urge to urinate, the passage of urine will be out of their control and even if the urine passes, they still feel heavy and incomplete. Hence, you will have to go and urinate several times. Even though you have the urge to urinate, you will only dribble and the feeling of Incompleteness continues.

So, we thought to take away your stress by sharing effective tips for healing your prostate.

PS: It’s natural to go through the phase of prostate enlargement after a certain age, but you must be alert in the initial phase to avoid any serious issues.  Before you go visit a website like or for pleasure check out these tips.

# Tip 1: Pattern of drinking fluids

Whatever fluid you consume either water, juice, buttermilk and more, you should always sip it instead of gulping. Slowly and easily sip your fluid no need to hurry. Before pursuing this step, confirm a few questions;

  • When and how much are you drinking at once?
  • What kind of fluid are you drinking?
  • How frequently do you drink?

For example, A healthy person should intake 7 liters of water in a day. So start by answering all the answers;

When and how much water should you be drinking at once?

1 liter of water in the early morning after waking up, 1 liter before a meal, 1 liter after a meal, 1-liter mid-noon, 1 liter after snacks, 1 liter before dinner, 1 liter after dinner.

What kind of fluid are you drinking?

Avoid sugary drinks and artificial fluids in the market. It contains chemicals that are toxic for you.

How frequently should you drink?

Stay hydrated and keep drinking after every 2hr for best results. At maximum consider the only 200ml of water not more than that.

# Tip 2: Bound to time for eating and drinking

Try to avoid drinking water or drink very little water after 5 p.m. in the evening. When you consume water after 5 p.m. in the evening then most of the time your sleep pattern will get disturbed because of frequent urine urges.

Also never have a late-night dinner. Try to keep a sufficient gap between dinner and drinking, make sure you pass urine before bed so that your sleep doesn’t get disturbed at night.

 # Top 3: Practice Specific Yoga (Exercise)

In Ayurveda, the doctors considered performing certain yoga especially known as Gola-Dhara to improve prostate health.

Perform this yoga or exercise, keep contracting your penis by taking a deep breath, hold your breath for 10 seconds, and release your breath along with relaxing your penis.

Repeat the same steps with your anus and do it twice a day. You will observe clear results within a very short period of time.


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