Have Fun While Checking your Prostate

Have Fun While Checking your Prostate

Your prostate is a gland, when Checking your Prostate it will usually the size of a walnut, located near the bladder. This organ, you see, is responsible for the production of the seminal fluid, a function that everyone would agree is a major component in the functioning of any man.

Taking care of your prostate should be one of your key priorities. Sadly, many are ignorant of this and completely take their prostate for granted. Luckily, since you’re here reading this article, you don’t belong in that category.

You care about your prostate and would love to know about the numerous ways you can take care of it while also having fun doing it. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Before we go deeper into the topic, however, we’d love to give you a few reminders as to why it is absolutely important to check your prostate in the first place.


The Importance of a Regular Prostate Check


The fact that your prostate is responsible for the production of seminal fluids alone is enough reason to care about it and always want to check on it. Regularly checking your prostate will help you quickly detect the presence of inflammation.

And of course it almost goes without saying that detecting prostate inflammation quick and early has quite literally saved a lot of lives.

Sadly, many don’t check their prostates not out of ignorance, but just because they don’t feel comfortable going to another person for a third-party prostate exam. Luckily, there are ways by which you can actually massage your own prostate and give yourself the much-needed regular check that can save your life.


Massaging your Own Prostate


There are quite a few ways to massage your prostate, and what’s more, there are quite a few ways to do it that are fun and exciting. Yes, the prostate does a lot of practical good in the body, but massaging it can also feel really good.

So good that many refer to it as the p spot. Stimulating it, they say, is the men’s equivalent of stimulating a female g spot. So yes, along with the medical advantages you get from a prostate check, you can also get some solid physical excitement out of the process – when done right.

Below are a few exciting tips on how to stimulate your prostate and have a great time doing it.


  • A Little Bit of Prep Doesn’t Hurt


Start by getting yourself relaxed and maybe even aroused for the activity. Prostate stimulation is capable of inducing orgasm, so you’re in for a great experience.

You might also want to take a shower first just to feel more comfortable poking around in there, although of course for those who are naturally comfortable with it, this isn’t at all necessary.


  • Try These Techniques


Some of the techniques to try include: the “come hither” technique where your lubed finger curls upwards like you’re doing the “come hither” gesture. Circling is another method where you circle the pad of your finger and run it all around your prostate.

Lastly, the doorbell technique presses the pad of your finger against the outside of the prostate as though you were gently pressing a doorbell.


Taking it to the Next Level


The above methods are all great, but just in case you think, like we do, that they are too safe for work, then you can take it to the next level by adding another layer of excitement to the process in the form of a sleek Lovense anal toy.

Lovense toys are known for their incredible performance when it comes to rectal stimulation. The nerve endings in the anus can be responsible for an incredible amount of fun, but only when stimulated the right way. These toys know how to do just that.

What’s more, you can even take it up another level by adding an additional layer of exhibitionism to it.

Remember, this serves a medical benefit along with the physical pleasure, so there is practically no reason to hold back, except of course if you’re not really comfortable with sexual exhibitionism.

But for those who have always had that part of them hidden but wanting to burst out, this could be your chance.

On a webcam platform like Chaturbate, for example, there’s literally thousands of loving audiences waiting to tune in just to watch you stimulate your prostate glands.

And what’s more, Chaturbate is a paying platform, so you’ll practically be getting paid a lot of money just to make yourself healthy.


Make Money While Performing a Prostate Massage


Making money while you perform a healthy check and have pleasure doing it? it really doesn’t get any better than this. Of course to take full advantage of the opportunity, you must be willing to do it right.

By doing it right, we don’t mean going overboard with the prostate massage. That is simple enough. We mean, first of all, that you have to choose a proper webcam platform to start from. And for this, our recommendation is always Chaturbate thanks to their platform’s convenience, security, and comprehensive features.

Secondly, you must be willing to put up an attractive profile. This usually requires an additional graphic design embedded on your bio page.

Getting your design is easy, too. Designurbate.com provides a lot of high-quality ready-made Chaturbate templates that can be easily tweaked and customized to pass out your information for free. You can also prepare a tip menu through this method letting your audience know just how much you require to perform certain actions on your broadcasts.


Taking Care of Your Prostate


Your prostate gets larger as you age. So no matter how old you think you are, taking care of your prostate should always be a priority even in old age.

It is quite saddening to think that many suffer from prostate complications when they could have been having fun with it. You don’t have to fall into that category, so why not take the steps to take care of your prostate today. You won’t regret it.

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