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Many men have wondered about the true functions of the prostate and its relation to the sexual life, especially those who suffer from a serious disease like prostate cancer. For these people, thinking on the consequences that a prostate surgically removal might have in their sex life and not knowing if their body is going to work and respond the same way it did before, are two especially worrying issues. The function of the reproductive system is a concerning subject, because it is closely related to masculinity and might affect men’s self-esteem, security and image to the society.

“Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in elderly males in Europe. It is a major health concern, especially in developed countries with their greater proportion of elderly men in the general population. The incidence is highest in Northern and Western Europe (> 200 per 100,000), while rates in Eastern and Southern Europe have showed a continuous increase. There is still a survival difference between men diagnosed in Eastern Europe and those in the rest of Europe. Overall, during the last decade, the 5-year relative survival percentages for prostate cancer steadily increased from 73.4% in 1999-2001 to 83.4% in 2005-2007”, according to the European Association of Urology.

There is no certainty about the causes of Prostate Cancer; but, in spite of this, some possible factors that might increase the risk of suffering Prostate Cancer are enlisted in the Guidelines on Prostate Cancer, an extensive research made by the European Association of Urology: “The factors that determine the risk of developing clinical prostate cancer (PCa) are not well known, although a few have been identified. There are three well-established risk factors for PCa: increasing age; ethnic origin and heredity”.

This research, also explains the different methods to detect the existence of tumors, especially in asymptomatic men, who are the most prone to reach the late stage of this type of cancer. About this, the previously mentioned work states the following information: “Population or mass screening is defined as the systematic examination of asymptomatic men (at risk) and is usually initiated by health authorities. In contrast, early detection or opportunistic screening consists of individual case findings, which are initiated by the person being screened (patient) and/or his physician”.

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It is a well-known fact that there could be many collateral damages surrounding prostate cancer. It is a very common and, in some cases a lethal disease. However, it seems quite logic that surviving cancer might leave some dysfunctions in our bodies. In case of prostate cancer, one of the most statistically probable and usual consequences after being cured is erectile dysfunction. One of the main procedures that are carried out to cure prostate cancer is prostatectomy –surgical extirpation of the prostate-.This surgery consists in removing a part or whole of the prostate, so as to eliminate all the carcinogenic cells from the body and ensure the patient is cancer free. In addition, it is removed some nearby tissue that might be afflicted as well, so as to prevent further apparition.

Near the prostate are located two cavernous nerves, on each side of the gland, whose functions are to send signals to the penis, to cause it to fill with blood which in the end will permit an erection. Nevertheless, during the surgery, one or both nerves could result damaged as a consequence of the procedure, which may be the principal cause for this problem. If there is any trace of carcinogenic cells close to one or both of these nerves, they have to be removed. Therefore, the sexual performance of any man with this disease can suffer some changes and also have the feeling of being “less masculine” or develop certain insecurities reflected in their interrelation with their environment.

If it is a single man, the patient needs all the strength he can gather to overcome the problem, because constant stress and preoccupation could aggravate it. For this reason, it is imperative for any man who is going to pass through this to learn as much as he can about this disease, the surgery and the probability of suffering erectile dysfunction after the procedure.

Moreover, it is important to learn all the options available after this surgery if there is a collateral damage such as erectile dysfunction. Due to the importance given to sex in our society, many pharmaceutical companies and medic congresses have developed several methods to help to solve this issue.

To diagnosis the degree of the disease, it is provided a chart with different levels and descriptions, which helps to determine the best treatment and also the available options, depending on the patient and how much advanced the cancer is. It is known as Tumor Node Metastasis and offers a classification of the differences Prostate Cancer can carry with it.

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Prostate Cancer Tumors are divided in three different types, which are: Primary Tumor, Regional Lymph Nodes and Distant Metastasis. After several examinations, it is possible to classify the disease and place the patient in any of those levels.

Surgical Techniques used in a Prostatectomy. 

There are two main surgical procedures to perform a Prostatectomy; they depend on the stage of the disease. These are: Nerve-Sparing and Laparoscopic.

The first one consists in cutting to very edges of the prostate trying to avoid damaging the erectile nerves alongside the prostate. This has the intention to save the tissue that helps every man to have an erection. The main objective is not to affect the sexual performance of the man. This procedure will not work if the cancer has extended to these nerves, but it is impossible to know for sure if this can be done, until the surgery has started. Once is determined whether the cancer has reached this tissue or not, there is uncertain about the viability of the Nerve-Sparing.

On the other hand, the Laparoscopic is done by doing a very small incision in the abdomen. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the surgeon inserts narrow instruments fitted with cameras and surgical tools, allowing him to visualize and operate on the internal structures without cutting open the entire abdomen.

Consequences of this type of cancer on the sexual life of the patient

This type of cancer directly affects the sexual life, not allowing the patient to achieve an erection, decreased sex activity, among others consequences of treatments and the illness. This also directly affects sexual partner in a negative form, for that reason, experts recommend to the patient and his life partner to have a positive psychological attitude and highlight that this positive attitude is the most important part of the cancer treatment, it have been prove that a good attitude can change the results of any medical treatment. Nevertheless, experts on these cases recommend that accepting a new way of living sexuality to make things better in the moment of intimate.

Sex and sexuality are important parts of daily life. The difference between sex and sexuality is that sex is seen as an activity, something you do with your partner. Sexuality, however, it is more associated with how you feel as a man and is more related to their need for intimacy and physical contact. It is important that patients with this type of cancer try not to have sex spontaneous, but must be planned and using the different medical necessary options.

Many men cannot get an erection for a period of time after prostate cancer surgery. This period is different for each man so each doctor can make a different recommendation to their patients. It may be less than a month or more than a month. However, it is possible that they cannot get an erection after a year or more to have had the surgery.

Possible treatment for Erectile Dysfunction after a Prostatectomy

Among the many treatments available for this type of problem that makes the patient achieve an erection and maintain it. One of the most effective is the pre-intercourse oral medications, injections that are applied to the penis or the so-called vacuum therapy. Also, surgery is also possible to end the disease. There are models of treatment to enter a recovery phase that allows the erectile tissues are strengthened.

Arthur Burnett, in his article Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy, explains that there are two kind of treatments available for this matter, Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological: “Pharmacotherapies include the oral PDE 5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil), intraurethral suppositories (alprostadil), andintracavernous injections (alprostadiland vasoactive drug mixtures). Nonpharmacologicaltherapies, which do not rely on the biochemical reactivity of the erectile tissue, include vacuum constriction devices and penile implants (prostheses). With the exception of penile implants, these options are considered “on-demand” therapies requiring repeated administrations when sexual activity is desired”. Also, even it is not taken in count in the previous quote, another viable method is the muse, and this consists in a suppository placed in the end of the urethra. The medicine inside of it is similar to the one used for injections, even though it is less effective than them.

It is a great advantaged that there are plenty of options, for different kind of men and, also, if for any circumstance one of those does not work, other might help to solve the problem. However, it is important to think about a long term treatment, that solves the problem for good. Although, the above mentioned are good options, those mechanism (both pharmacological and not) only work for a short period of time, which is why it is necessary to used them every time the man wants to have intimate relations.

Emotional consequences of post-Prostatectomy

Even if many patients do not experience physical pain after recovering from prostate cancer, but there are emotional and mental factors that may affect them. As it was mentioned, the sexual efficiency is closely related to virility and manhood. Socially, the sexual perform of a man is a matter of interest and it is linked to the other qualities of men as gender.

Feelings about sexuality affect patients enthusiasm for life; the image we have of ourselves and our relationships with others change completely when we don’t feel capable to have this kind of contact with our life partner. However, patients and doctors often do not talk about the effects of cancer treatment has on the sexual life of man and how it can cope with these problems. Why? Maybe a person feels uncomfortable talking about sex with their doctor, with a medical professional and even sexual partner. Many people feel embarrassed and exposed when talking about sex.

Prostate Mental Health

Facing a diagnosis of cancer and the upcoming treatment is a transcendental step on the life of a patient. It might be overwhelming to think how a prostate or any surgery it is going to affect your sexual life. Nevertheless, do not forget there are professionals in charge on mental health with plenty of experience in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and cancer psychological effects. Psychotherapists understand how sexual problems can damage self-esteem and men intimate relationships. Through therapy, all the fears, uncertainness any man can learn how to manage this kind of problems and solve it or just deal with it, in order to find new ways to recover the comfort during their sexual encounters.

Nevertheless, it is very important not to get confused or depressed by erectile dysfunction, since there are different ways to affront it and also there are people specialized on it that can provide accurate support. Keeping calm and having a good attitude towards hard times are key factors to a proper and full recovery. Remember: life is a beautiful gift and you need to be grateful for being alive.

How To Achieve An Erection Naturally After Prostate Surgery

An erectile dysfunction pump also known as a vacuum enlargement device or penis pump is an instrument used to accomplish and keep* up an erection by drawing blood into the penis through air suction. It’s not a cure for erectile dysfunction (ED), but rather can allow you to have sex naturally. This system is here and there called a penis pump or vacuum pump. It’s a non-invasive treatment that can be utilized alone or with other ED medicines or oral solutions.

What Does an ED Pump Look Like?

The ED pump is comprised of three separate parts:

1.  A clear plastic tube that is put over your penis.

2.  A pump that is connected to the tube and operated by hand or battery.

3.  A band (some of the time called a donut ring) that fits around the base of the erect penis to ensure that vacuum is maintained.

penis enlargement

How Do You Use an ED Pump?

In the first place, apply water-dissolvable lubricant to the base of the penis to make a water-tight seal more easily obtained with the ring of the tube. At that point put your penis in the tube and pump it up gradually. This causes your penis to engorge with blood. (Note: It can take 10 to 20 minutes to accomplish a full erection)

Next, place a cock ring around the base of your penis to keep up your erection. Penis Rings comes in a multitude of sizes, shapes and materials. Experimentation might be important to figure out which cock ring is the most agreeable for you. Once the ring is set up, you can remove the cylinder and begin sexual relations.

Most men can keep an erection for around 30 minutes by this method. Be that as it may, the band can cut off blood stream and cause harm if worn for more that this so do not keep the cock ring in place after this time. Always remove the cock ring after sexual intercourse.

Who Can Use an ED Pump?

The ED pump can be used by men with Erectile Dysfunction and also by men that wish to enlarge their penis. It’s a particularly decent choice for men who do not want to take oral ED meds or undertake surgery.

Males that have the accompanying conditions ought to speak with their physician before using penis pumps:

•             history of delayed erection

•             Blood pressure issues or those under medication with blood thinners for example, warfarin (Coumadin) and clopidogrel (Plavix)

•             Lack of penile sensations

•             Spinal injuries

•             Curvature of the penis

ED can be an indication of an assortment of hidden, and now and then genuine, therapeutic conditions. Treatment for those conditions can regularly remedy ED.

Where Can You Get an ED Pump?

Converse with your specialist. Some ED pumps are accessible without medicine, however your specialist can determine the best course of action in view of your particular condition. Make sure to educate your specialist regarding other ailments or injuries you may have or had and any meds you are taking, including whatever other ED medicines you have attempted previously.

Many ED pumps sold on line are more gimmicky than functional.  Ensure you purchase a good quality one as it is worth the extra initial cost for the long-term gain.

What Are the Benefits of Using an ED Pump?

It might take a touch of practice, however most men can have sex utilizing an ED pump.

The Advantages of Using an ED PUMP:

•             Less dangerous than using prescribed medicines

•             One of Initial Cost

•             Non-invasive treatment

•             You can use it with other ED Techniques or Solutions

What Are the Risks of Using an ED Pump?

You need to shave your pubic region when using a Penis Pump to ensure proper seal and not having hairs pulled out in the donut.  Some men also do not like time it takes to achieve an erection or the feeling whilst the penis is in the tube.  For the most part Vacuum Pumps are safe when done correctly however the following should be noted –

You should not use an ED Pump if you –

•             take blood thinners

•             have anemia

•             have any blood issue that causes draining or meddles with coagulating

Potential symptoms of incorrect use include:

•             red spots brought about by over-pumping, called petechiae

•             numbness or coldness

•             bluish-shaded skin

•             bruising

•             pain

•             painful discharge

Can an ED Pump Enlarge the Penis?

Some sellers guarantee that ED pumps can make your penis bigger. While an ED pump will enlarge the size and shape, particularly after surgery, it won’t make your penis grow permanently. Men who use ED pumps to enlarge their penis only achieve temporary growth.

Is the ED Pump Covered by Insurance?

If your Doctor prescribes the use of a Penis Pump then you are entitle to Claim it back from your Health Cover.

*If there is trouble maintaining an erection when using an ED Pump they can be used in conjunction with cock rings or penis rings.  The user simply uses the pump until the penis is engorged and then puts on a cock ring that will restrict the flow of blood in the penis.   Once the cock ring is securely in place the cock ring may be removed and the erection maintained.