Everything You Need to Know About Prostate

Everything You Need to Know About Prostate

The prostate is a small gland located in men’s lower abdomen, under the bladder, surrounding the urethra. It plays a crucial role in a man’s reproductive health as it helps produce seminal fluid or semen, a substance containing sperm.

Despite its essential function in the male reproductive system, the prostate is rarely discussed openly. The fact that some people only hear about it when they see a doctor or experience having difficulty urinating means it requires more attention than it is currently getting. Read on to learn the primary functions of this gland and what you can do for effective prostate stimulation.

The Functions of The Prostate

n average, the prostate is roughly the size of a walnut, though it undergoes various changes throughout a man’s life. It becomes larger as you age, which is part of the aging process of men. However, this gland remains stable when you reach your mid-forties. The prostate has several functions, such as:

Help produce semen

It’s no secret that the prostate is essential for your fertility. It secretes an alkaline fluid that contains about seventy percent of your seminal volume. This fluid mixes with sperm to create semen during ejaculation. It also helps protect the sperm when it reaches the vagina, which is an acidic environment. This prostatic secretion is critical to the proper functioning of your sperm cells and your fertility.

In addition to helping produce semen, the prostate gland also helps to pump sperm out during intercourse. Such pumping action allows the sperm to travel far enough into a woman’s uterus to possibly fertilize an egg.

Closes the urethra during ejaculation

Have you ever wondered why you don’t pee during an ejaculation when semen and urine pass through the same tube? This is thanks to your prostate gland. During ejaculation, the prostate contracts, closing off the opening between your bladder and urethra to push semen through at speed. This action makes it impossible to ejaculate and urinate simultaneously.

Furthermore, the prostate controls your urine flow down the urethra and prevents it from leaving your bladder until you need to urinate. As this gland grows, the increased pressure on your urethra can lead to issues with urination. This is why those who have an enlarged prostate may have a slow or weak urinary stream, difficulty starting urination, or feeling incomplete emptying of the bladder.

It is the male ‘G-spot’

Everyone knows what a G-spot is for women and its benefit for a person’s sexual experience. But did you know that men also have one, providing more intense pleasure when stimulated? The g-spot in males is the prostate, and it sits about two inches inside the rectum. With the proper stimulation, your prostate can provide you intense pleasures.

Tips for Effective Prostate Stimulation

Prostate stimulation may seem intimidating at first since venturing into your anal area is the only way to get at it. But when you do so effectively, prostate stimulation can provide new experiences and sensations. Whether you’ve done it before with or without a partner or you’re trying it for the first time, here are a few prostate stimulation tips to help bring your body to ultimate orgasm:

Set the mood

Don’t go into action without preparation, and often, it involves setting the right mood to ensure that you or your partner is relaxed. Perhaps, start by giving each other a sensual massage, having foreplay, or simply a hot shower or hot bath. Keep in mind that prostate stimulation is best played when a person is fully aroused and relaxed.

Perform a prostate massage

Whether it’s shared or solo play, a prostate massage can be highly pleasurable due to the nerve endings around the anal region. The anus itself and its lining are very sensitive, which adds sensations to your touch.

To perform a prostatic massage, insert your finger into the rectum to stimulate the prostate gland. Your goal here is to release any excess seminal fluid from the ducts of the gland. Apart from sexual stimulation, prostatic massage is also used to enhance an erection, achieve arousal, and ease prostate inflammation.

Add toys to the equation


If you don’t want to use your fingers, there are other alternatives you can use, like prostate vibrators, to search for your man’s g-spot. These sex toys are a popular option because they stimulate both deep and surface-level nerves. They also provide quicker motions than any unpowered toy or a finger and come with varying speeds, allowing you to control the intensity of the stimulation.

The market offers tons of sex toys you can choose from, such as penis massagers, prostate milkers, and more. Male sex toys add more stimulation to your prostate, even causing those with less sensitive prostates to achieve more intense orgasms.

If unsure what to get, check out Sohimi as it gives a comprehensive list of male prostate sex toys and provides essential information and facts about each product to help you make an informed choice.

Invest in a good lubricant

Good lubrication is crucial for more satisfying and comfortable prostate stimulation. It is always a good idea to check the ingredients of the lubricant before buying to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals or components that could damage your skin. Choose a skin-safe product free from parabens or preservatives.

Always communicate

Anal play can be new territory for many. However, whether it’s his first time or not, an open discussion is necessary before you begin with prostate stimulation to ensure that you and your partner are on the same page. He may not be into things that turn you on, so always be respectful of each other’s choices. Keep things light but make sure you communicate about it honestly and openly.


Prostate stimulation has many benefits, and the use of male sex toys can provide added sensations and enhanced pleasure. But whether you prefer to use your fingers or opt for a prostate massager, it’s essential to take a few safety precautions, like washing your hands and cleaning around your anus and genitals. Proper cleaning and care of your male sex toys are also important so they last longer.  Regularly check your prostate health.

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