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Lelo Loki Review | Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

The Lelo Loki is a toy which has stepped away from the female dominated toy company and is specifically designed for prostate play. As with any Lelo toy you can expect quality from this brand and that’s little wonder when this toy is often referred to as a Gentleman’s essential Toy. It is marketed as the world’s strongest prostate vibrator – but we’ll get more to that later on.

Like all of Lelo’s toys it comes in a discreet and high quality box. In a change, Lelo has provided a window on the box so you can directly see the toy, and that’s all well and good because you need to see this toy before you buy it. The first thing you’ll notice is the shape on it and how it is perfectly angled for prostate stimulation. As per anal safe toys, it has a flare at the base to prevent it from being absorbed into the body. But you need to pay close attention to the size. For beginners, I wouldn’t recommend this toy being a little larger than your average ‘beginner’ style toy.

Once you take it out of the box you’ll notice the smoothness of the silicone, and how comfortable it fits in your hand. I do recommend that you charge it up before use – even if like me, you were keen to get it started. Because once you start i can guarantee that your eyes will roll straight to the back of your head. Lelo has always been fairly standard in terms of vibrations. They did step that up with their insignia range and the power of the Soraya is pretty decent all things considered, I am not sure whether they’ve decided to put in a V8 motor exclusively for the boys because they think we need more power or whether this is an indication of the direction and trend they want to set with their new toys.

Let me put it simply; this thing rumbles. It’s not a piddly squeak weak vibration this thing is on par with a low setting of a body wand. That’s how much it rumbles. Of course it also has a bunch of different settings. What I’ve always loved about Lelo toys is their range of variables in terms of vibrations and settings. Unlike other vibrators which only has preset settings, this toy has a volume control speed. On top of that you can select your own vibration pattern, and then use the volume control style setting to specifically adjust the vibration level for that specific setting! Which means that the combination of vibrations and strength of vibrations is astounding and blows other toys out of the water.

I’m going to comment on why they named this Loki. I’m going to surmise that they decided to be a little cheeky with this toy in the mischievous style that is Loki, as opposed to calling it Thor or something as dramatic as that. Which is unusual because Lelo has always been about dignity and class, and i love that they’ve decided to go a little cheeky with an anal toy. Maybe that’s to take some of the pressure and stigma off anal play, or who knows. Whichever way you want to look at it. I like it. Anyway, i digress let’s get back to the toy.

Despite its tapered end, if you’re not used to a lot of anal toys, you might find the insertion of this to be difficult. The head of the vibrator is thick, and I will not deny that in the slightest. But. You’ll find that the strength of the vibrations against your sphincter muscles will help distract you, just remember to breathe and use lots of lubricant. Once it’s in, it’ll fit nicely and snugly against the prostate. The increased size of the tapered end means that it’ll sit more comfortably around more people and the larger surface area means that it simply can’t miss. Not that the strength of these vibrations will cause it to miss!

For those that like slightly larger toys, or toys that give a fullness feeling, then you’re going to love this toy. If you’re a little on the tighter side, new or just don’t engage in anal play regularly I will still recommend this toy, but you might do well to introduce a prep toy to the mix at the same time so you’re not missing out or rushing the experience too much. Once it’s in it’s time to ramp it up. Let me tell you, on about 8 or so minutes of moderate vibrations from this thing I was clenching my fists in a full body orgasm that you can only get from prostate play or prostate vibrations. It was quite difficult not to bring the house down when using this thing because let me tell you, it would have been quite easy to do so.

What I particularly love about this toy, is that whilst it can be a bit difficult to put in, because the lower end has a much slower taper to it you’ll find that taking it out post orgasm is a breeze. That’s my problem with a lot of toys. Sometimes you let your level of arousal take over and you bite off a little more than you can chew which is fine for pre-orgasm. But once you’ve achieved orgasm and ejaculation, you go to remove the toy and it’s a bit painful because your levels of arousal are no longer compensating or taking over your pain threshold. Lelo, whether by knowledge or sheer luck, has overcome this by tapering the end out. It’s also useful for not sending the sphincter into shock during insertion by the rapid changes to the tightness of the muscles.


Like  I have recommended with most of the G-Spot vibrators i have come across, so long as you keep this toy clean and sterile, it’s also amazing to use it as an external body massager, either for your balls, nipples, shaft or anywhere really. Obviously this needs to be pre-insertion and it needs to be clean and sterile before you use it as like a pre-warm up toy.

At the same time they released this toy – they also released the Lelo Loki Wave. Which – wow. Okay so there’s two reasons why i love the wave. Firstly, once inserted it makes a come hither motion slowly and gently massaging the prostate for you and that’s WITH the vibrations going at the same time. So if you’ve liked what I’ve said so far, I imagine all of that with added stroking of the prostate as well. It sounds a bit intense doesn’t it? Go hard or go home is what i say!

Secondly, if your prostate is slightly different or you’re at a different angle to usual, you might need a toy with a varied angle. Simply turn the wave function on, and stop it at the angle that you want it at. Turn on the vibrations and vroom off you go! This is particularly useful if you wanted to use it a position where you’re sitting down, or even if you just preferred a tighter angle.

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