L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Prostate Massager

L’Amourose Rosa Rouge Prostate Massager

L’Amourose Rosa Rouge | L’Amourose Prostate Massager

L’AmouroseMens Sex Toys | Top Shelf Prostate Massage Tool

L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

L’Amourose is a fairly new company to enter into the world of sex toys. This French company prides itself on quality and beauty, and I dare say that they have certainly picked up the slack which Lelo overlooks. I’d been reading reviews on line for this and I’d not yet seen anyone say a bad word about this product. Since I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as perfection, I had to try it myself. I was a little concerned about the price of this toy, since it’s even hard to justify the prices of Lelo sometimes, but I was determined to give this toy a go.

It’s touted as a premium G-Spot or P-spot toy, and I’ll be approaching this review by examining the Rosa Rouge as a prostate Stimulator. When I first received this toy, I was amazed at the box. It’s a velvety red and it’s a really nice looking box. It’s like a designer toy, and though I’ve always loved the Lelo boxes this was done with an element of class and professionalism that I’d never realised was lacking with Lelo until I saw this box. There’s no words on the outside of the box, it’s a simple, straight forward with a photo of the toy. It’s like how Maserati never has to advertise, it already has its name – and this toy has the arrogance and the class to pull something similar off. I was still hesitant though as once the seal was broken I was going in beyond the point of return. As with all rechargeable toys I popped it onto the charger before I did anything else so I could have some time to examine everything.

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge

The toy charges slightly different to most other toys, and it reminds me of the Tenga Vibrators which have a base as a charging dock. They say that this toy is completely waterproof, and I’m always very jaded of this information because a lot of companies are misleading and ‘waterproof’ can mean anything from water resistant, to shower proof, to submersible and even one drop of moisture and the toy is dead.

At the bottom of this toy is a sealed component with two little charging points. A quick examination and you could tell that when they said waterproof, that it was waterproof. Whilst it charged, I went off and made some chilli jam, which takes roughly two hours so when I came back, the toy was fully charged as indicated by the charging light. After a quick wash (I’d been cooking with chilli) I was ready to go. I turned the toy on and was surprised by the deep rumbly vibrations that had been promised to me. I knew from other reviews that the toy was rumbly, but certainly wasn’t expecting it to be something this deep.

I was getting hard and excited. It’s a littler thicker than a beginners toy so I would recommend that you either ensure that you warm up first or if you’re new to anal and prostate play that you get something a little less challenging at first, I increased the amount of lube I usually used and after a bit of wriggling, breathing and relaxing it was in. Once inserted I found a problem. It was a little difficult to push the buttons on the side of the toy to get it started, or rather, I didn’t know which button I was pressing and there was an awkward moment of me trying to work out which ones were which. Once I had determined that it was pretty sweet. I do advise that you practice with the buttons beforehand.

With that I started playing with the vibrations, the angle of the toy was perfect for prostate play and the vibrations were really hitting the spot. I was playing with the settings and moving it around. I was a little tiny bit disappointed by the ‘Flexi-Shift’ technology which simply meant that as I wriggled, the toy would flex. I’m a huge fan of precise, direct and firm P-Spot stimulation but all in all I wasn’t overly bothered by the flex. It was still firm, but it wouldn’t have bothered me if it was a little bit firmer. The toy, however, is powerful enough to compensate for it and within another few seconds of it purring in my ass, I’d forgotten about it. I had a momentary heart attack when whilst using it and exploring it I started feeling a warming sensation. At first it wasn’t really noticeable and I was wondering if something was wrong, but then it quickly started heating up and I was panicked that I’d inadvertently left some chilli on my hands and things were about to get interesting. But no before I could decide whether or not I should engage in some emergency defensive actions – my brain clicked. I’d simply forgotten about the warming feature on this toy. The toy heats up during use to a comfortable 42 degrees Celsius. Which is slightly above normal body temperature, but not enough to burn.

The increased temperature is amazing for increasing sensitivity as the warmth accelerates blood flow which increases arousal. Normally, the first time I use a new toy it’s about me exploring. The goal isn’t to orgasm because I’m more interested in working out how to use it, how it feels and I’m usually too busy thinking about the toy and a review to think about getting off. This time however. . . I don’t know if it was the warmth or the rumbly vibrations or what it was, but I lost myself. I consider myself lucky that I’m a guy that can orgasm through prostate stimulation alone and I love the satisfaction of watching the amazement on a guy’s face when it happens and I was in the process of adjusting the toy so i could just leave it in when it might have just hit the right spot at the right time and boom it was all over. An intense body orgasm that hadn’t been given to me by a toy in a while.

I turned off the toy and lay there for a minute, enjoying the continued warmth from the toy. As I relaxed there, I finally understood why the reviews on this toy had been so good. Even though it seems like there’s nothing overly different about it compared to other prostate/g-spot toys, there is. I’m not sure it’s definable. I mean, it could be the warmth, the smooth silicone, the angle, the flex, or like an episode of Friends you might not absolutely love every single character but together they . . . just work.

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