Sex Tips For Anal Play

Sex Tips For Anal Play

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Regardless of sexuality anal play can be the most intense form of stimulation for a guy. In today’s day and age more and more men are getting into anal play – no longer is it considered gay and dirty and any people that still believe that are not idiotic but also missing out on some fantastic opportunities. Sure, gay men are still the biggest players in anal sex and play – however there are a lot of healthy straight married guys that still love anal play and that can include anything from a finger, to plugs, vibrators or even letting their wives use strap ons. This is by no means a disintegration of their masculinity or their heterosexuality – some straight men just love it. It’s as simple as that and why they love it can be stated in two easy words; prostate stimulation.

prostate stimulation

The prostate, much like the female g spot, can be reached with a finger and by making the ‘come hither’ stroking motion. The prostate when correctly stimulated can give mind blowing orgasms and, whilst uncommon, some men can ejaculate and orgasm purely by prostate stimulation and with no penile stimulation whatsoever – in some rarer cases prostate stimulation can cause orgasm, but not ejaculation opening the door for multiple orgasms! Most males already stimulate their prostate even if they don’t do anal play. When most men ejaculate or orgasm, they thrust forward with their cock. What they’re unconsciously doing is constricting the anal cavity and placing pressure on their prostate. In fact, it is certainly natural and healthy to stimulate the prostate and with the right type of play and care can be very effective in reducing prostate cancer.

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Before we look into the types of anal play that there are – let’s get some introductory anal play tips!

Helix Syn anal play tips

1. Make Sure You’re In The Mood:-

The thing about the ass is that a lot of the muscles in there are involuntary –therefore if you’re not relaxed and in the mood then the sphincter muscles (the gatekeepers of the ass) are simply not going to open. Prodding something against them again and again isn’t going to make them want to open their doors either. If you’re struggling, try gently placing an anal toy there and distract yourself by jerking your cock or rubbing your nipple. Better yet, get a partner to do that for you!

2. Take Baby Steps:-

Do not go too fast. Do not go too large. Yes, the muscles stretch, but like working out you’re not going to be swallowing toys like a pro until you’ve had some practice. What I’ve told many of my clients at adult stores is this; like grocery shopping where they tell you to never shop when you’re hungry – you should never shop when you’re horny either. What looks like it’ll fit in the store may not fit at home and once it’s left the store – sorry. You’re going to have to work up to it now because it’s all yours!

3. Warm Up:-

Maybe warming up means some ass play, maybe it means some stroking, maybe it means some finger action. If you’re starting off with fingers – either yours or someone else’s – make sure that they’re trimmed and neat. The anal walls are sensitive to tearing and there’s nothing worse than developing a tear. Trust me – it stings like a mofo.

4. There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Lubricant:-

Seriously, overusing it when you first start with anal play is a whole lot better than under using it. I really recommend a silicone lubricant which can be used with all anal toys except silicone types. Silicone doesn’t dry out, it stays slick and when you’re dealing with a hole that doesn’t self-lubricate when something dries out, you’re going to find out very quickly! On top of that lubricating is just a pain in the ass and since silicone doesn’t usually need to be re-applied you only have to put it on once and it won’t affect your rhythm and routine later on.

5. Slow And Steady Wins The Race:-

Don’t just jump straight on it, slow and steady that goes with anal fucking or anal toys. Start your thrusts slow, and gradually build up speed. Else, your muscles will go into shock and you’re going to have a bad time.

6. If Cleanliness Worries You – Clean First:-

Douches are relatively easy to obtain. You fill them with warm – room temperature water. You gently squeeze the water into your anus as you stand in the shower or over the toilet – hold the water in for as long as possible and then expel the liquid. Rinse and repeat until the water comes out clean. It’s simple, and adds to that piece of mind. Don’t do this every day though – you’ll also be taking away the good bacteria and that can be bad and lead to all sorts of complications. Douche sparingly, and when needed. Over time, you’ll learn how to anticipate and prepare your body for some sexy anal fun times.

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