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Rocks Off Prostate Massagers

Rocks Off Sex Toys | Prostate Massager From Rocks Off

Rocks Off Prostate Tools | Rude Boy Massager

Its 2016 now, and a lot of us may be more open to anal play these days, as long as it is a female getting penetrated. When it comes to our own glory holes, we’re not so keen. unfortunately, some of us still automatically assume that anal Love = homosexuality, while others muse over the possibilities, take into account the immense pleasure to be gained due to our own g-spot and all the thousands of nerve endings around the rim, yet still hesitate because “that’s were poop comes out”. Speaking as someone who was quite hesitant at first until I did research and realised, hang on; I’m in possession of something (a prostate) that has a 10% possibility of killing me at some point, perhaps I should get as much fun out of the bastard while I can, hence I’m in love with any chance I get to rub my sweet spot. This is why I’m so excited to talk about the ‘Rude Boy’ by ‘Rocks Off’. The ‘Rude boy’ prostate massager looks to be the massager that could possibly cast my fingers into extinction and give me prostate pleasure that I’ve been dreaming for time after time at a really money for value price.

Like its rivals (the lelo loki and the Aneros vice) the ‘Rude Boy’ is designed to get at the prostate (otherwise known as the Male G-Spot) and give it a proper milking. Not only does that help deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the prostate, it also has the potential to provide mind blowing orgasms that when if you don’t have a towel handy you might end up repainting the ceiling. The ‘Rude boy’ vibrates as well meaning it will relax your muscles easier and help you get even more intense pleasures, also due to its shape it also stimulates the perineum extremely well. For the guys out there who don’t want a cock looking vibrator up their ass will not have to worry at all, as it looks nothing like male genitalia. If your mate came across is on your bedside table, he wouldn’t know any better, it hardly looks like a sex toy at all, more like silicone covered towing hook you could buy from Bunnings (you are more than welcome to steal that terrible excuse).

It’s made of strong yet soft to touch silicone, with an alarmingly thick girth, if you ask a beginner like me, but that doesn’t put me off this bad boy……I mean ‘Rude Boy’. The best way to tackle this is with some good quality lube, and because of the silicone on this toy is really strong and pretty good quality to so it will work fantastic with SuperSlyde lubricant. Lube isn’t the only thing you need to prepare yourself for this exploration adventure, a towel, some tissues and if it’s your first time…..a considerable amount of time or even a book to read. It takes a fair bit of time of getting used to so make sure you get comfortable. Thanks to the rude boy and our natural pelvic floor (PC) muscles, this toy is actually a hands free toy. What this means is that you can pop this big boy in and let it do its thing why you watch a movie or cook dinner. Sometimes repositioning and adjustments are necessary but most of the time you can get away with doing that hands free just by flexing your PC muscles. Speaking of flexing your PC muscles, doing so is exactly what will help you gain those amazing orgasms, like I said before you will need a bit of time and practice to get a feel for what your body loves but in time you will feel pleasure like nothing else.

First using the vibrator isn’t easy due to the larger size of the ‘Rude-Boy’; even getting it in can be difficult and takes ages for beginners. Some men describe their first experience as “every millimeter feels like an inch, but that’s just for the first few minutes”, unfortunately there isn’t too much to do but fight to relax yourself, which mind you isn’t too easy when, every time it slips out even slightly, you will feel like you’re about to shit the bed, but when you do relax that when the pleasure comes rolling in. Your body will instinctively clench and those spiky bits at the bottom squeeze into your perineum, and that’s when you will realize that there is much more to the male sexual organs then you cock and balls.

Rude Boy Prostate Sex Toys

When you finally gather up the ‘balls’ to press the button at the end, you will then experience what truly makes this toy more likable then it already is. The vibration on the ‘Rude boy’ is surprisingly relaxing and you instantly feel your muscles loosen up. The vibrations are strong but not too intense that you can’t enjoy it…….it’s a perfect medium.

From there, you’re free to do whatever you need to do to shoot the goo out. Some men can achieve orgasm by merely leaving it in and clenching, while others go about moving it around and applying more direct pressure on the prostate. It may not work for you first time, but when it does, you probably won’t have had an orgasm that intense since you were 14 and you thought your genitals were going to explode.

Naturally, it’s not the kind of thing you want to leave under your pillow at night and forget about. Slipping a condom over it takes care of the clean up a bit, but apart from the odd spot, cleaning it up is not as disgusting as you’d think. You always could chuck it in the dishwasher, but that’s pretty un-pleasant, isn’t it?

Overall the ‘Rude boy’ isn’t as rude as you’d think, it takes its time going through the back door but once it’s comfortable its will feel at home and make your eyes roll back into your head…..politely though. The ‘Rude boy’ one of the best prostate massagers in its price category and it doesn’t lack any guts, it will get the job done and what more can you ask for.

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