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What is prostate massaging?

If you're straight - you’ve probably spent a considerable amount of time studying the female G-spot: How to find it, how to stimulate it and how to turn a woman into jelly with a G-spot orgasm. What most men are far less familiar with is their own male G-spot called the P-Spot. That’s right; be surprised to learn that the prostate is, basically, the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot and by stimulating the prostate gland, guys can achieve immense pleasure. Some men use this spot to achieve multiple orgasms, and other men both straight, gay and otherwise can use anal/prostate stimulation to achieve orgasm and ejaculation without any penile stimulation! This stimulation can be caused by anal intercourse but more popular is actually by prostate massaging which more people find comfortable. Using a specific toy to massage and stimulate the gland will get you the best results and with enough practice can result in a mind blowing orgasm.


How to do it?

Before you do anything, it can be helpful for you to urinate and have a bowel movement as this will cleanse you and make it feel a lot more comfortable, especially when you mentally know you won’t poo even though you feel like you are going too. After passing, you should wait at least an hour for any remaining matter to be absorbed. Over time, the more you engage in prostate play you will be aware of when your body is and is not capable and which times are appropriate. Remember to trim and cut your fingernails, having them too long can scratch and possible tear the inner lining of your anus. Being relaxed is also very important, as it helps minimize and prevent the possibility of tearing the thin lining of the rectum and sets the stage for pleasure. Remember that the sphincter muscle is an involuntary muscle and that if you are stressed, tired or otherwise distracted it may not matter how keen you are on playing, the muscles will simply not co-operate. Taking a nice warm bath or even a sensual massage using lubricant or massage oil are great ways to become relaxed.

Now that you are relaxed and ready to start, the next step is to locate your ‘P-spot”, it isn’t that tough to locate, indeed for the most part you have most likely been stimulating it without you even realizing. Not only are you stimulating it with each thrust that you make, but as you can see from previous diagrams, the prostate is located behind the perineum or gooch. Many people stimulate this area with a finger during masturbation. Obviously the best way to stimulate it is internally but this way does require a little patience. Lying on your back is usually to be the most comfortable position for this, so you’ll perhaps want to make use of the bed or maybe a large sofa. Elevating your legs will make the process easier and can be done by simply leaning your legs against the wall behind the bed or draping them over the back of the sofa.

If you’re still having difficulty reaching the perineum from this position, you can lift your pelvis further by sliding a pillow or two underneath – or if you happen to have some sex furniture such as the Liberator range you can use that as well. The liberator range is designed at the optimal angles for sex.


pleasure pillow

Once you’ve made yourself as comfortable as possible, start by gently massaging the area surrounding your anus. This next step is very important, apply lube. Applying nice silky silicone lube (ill delve into the best lubes and creams in a separate section), the lube will help relax the muscles and make it much easier and more comfortable insertion. Most men enjoy having their perineum stimulated, and that can definitely be merged into this process. Use the soft pad of your index finger while exploring, and gently brush across the surface of your anus. Repeat this move several times, each time increasing the pressure slightly. When you’re comfortable enough to begin probing, you should keep things slow and tender, remembering to relax your sphincter during the process. This part can take the most time, so you need to be patient at this point. Begin by slowly inserting your finger into the ass and slowly massage in little tiny circles as you place pressure. The sphincter muscles may not open at first so if you're clenching you need to consciously let go and relax. If you can't relax then this is obviously not a good time and you need to disengage the play and try another day.

If the sphincter opens up – then insert the finger as far as it'll go and then bend it towards the front and reach for the base of the penis. You'll notice when you’ve come in contact with the ’p-spot’, as you’ll recognize it as a small, firm and smooth bump situated roughly two inches inward.

As you prepare to stimulate your prostate, keep in mind that methods can vary greatly. Some men enjoy gentle thrusting movements, and some prefer intense, constant pressure on the prostate itself but might prefer a mix of the two or rather something entirely different. The key is to give your body the chance to react and respond, just take your time, the orgasm is worth it. It’s also important to note that you may not find any of these methods pleasurable during the first experience, and that’s certainly normal; you can always try again in the future.

Though fingers are great way to locate the “p-spot” they are also amazing for beginners to learn and get used to something being up there. Training the brain to think its normal and becomes used to your fingers is the first step, second step is find what pressure you like by pushing slightly harder and softer, and thirdly figure out what motion you like, whether that be round circular motions or even up and down wavy motions. Now fingers aren’t the only thing you can use to stimulate the prostate, toys are an amazing step up from our simplistic fingers. You have toys that vibrate and some that don’t and there are different ways to use each one. For example, some non-vibrating toys are completely hands free like the Aneros Helix Syn. To use these types of toys properly, you get into you most comfortable position (the one I mentioned before is recommended) and lube up the toy, don’t skimp out on it either make sure its clearly coated. Once its ready you can insert the toy, once you are about 2/3rds in your anal muscles will pull the rest in. At this point keep your hands off and don’t use them again until you’re ready to remove it.

Now, here comes the good part.  Activate your pelvic muscles, then relax them.  It should feel like you’re “lifting” your groin area from the inside.  The sensation is comparable to when you are urinating, and then force yourself to stop. This technique relaxes and contracts the exact same muscle group.  This is the action that makes it do its thing.  Keep doing this until the orgasms come.  This can take as little as 5 minutes or as many as 45.  Obviously, with practice, one can speed the process up.

With vibrating toys, they usually are manually operated and have to be pointed in the right direction which is perfect for men with a little bit of experience in prostate play or for men who know their body really well. To properly use a vibrating toy, you need to start of course prep the toy with lube and start it on a low vibration, slowly insert and position it so the tip is rubbing on the prostate, after about a minute or so you can start increasing the intensity levels a little higher and gently rub on the area in a circle or wavy motion and apply a little more pressure. Keep stimulating the prostate and listen to what your body wants and react accordingly until you reach climax.


Does it hurt much?

For some even getting their finger through the gates is a big challenge and very painful let alone a toy. If this is the case, then I recommend reading on about some lubes and creams that might make your life a little easier.

anal ese


Numbing cream isn’t anything new, it’s been around for a while to help bring ease to those that experience too much pain. What it does is when applied to the rim of the anus it numbs the nerve endings there to make insertion and anal play much easier. Problem though is when your anus is numbed you can’t feel if you might actually be damaging your anus. So creams like ‘Analease” should only be used by the experienced and not for rough play. Thankfully there are alternatives like ‘pjurs backdoor serum and spray’ which is a desensitizer that comes as a spray or oil and what it does is desensitizes and relaxes the anal muscles in the opening to make it much easier for things to be inserted. Because it doesn’t numb the areas (only relaxes and desensitizes) it completely safe to be used by all. Your best friend here is relaxation, the more you relax and just ride it, the easier it will be. Remember not to over-use these creams and sprays. Pain is the body's natural defense mechanism and to remove that safety mechanism can mean that you can unconsciously do damage without realizing it at the time. So use sparingly and only when needed.

Another option to help with the pain or discomfort and even to prepare your anus for larger items is using a device to dilate the anus. There are many ways to perform anal dilation but the easiest and most common is using different sized butt plugs to slowly increase the size. Speculums are also option for those who are experience with anal play and want to work up towards bigger toys. Safety is also a big thing when it comes to anal dilation, if not done properly or too quickly, or with toys not recommended for the job then you might obtain an anal fissure which is not the most pleasant of things. Ensure any insertables and smooth and of an appropriate size and shape.

Prostate Massage Benefits

How Does Prostate Massage Benefit | Massaging The Prostate

Benefits of Prostate Massage | Healthy Prostate Tips


Besides from the obvious “omg” orgasm from prostate massaging, there are actually heaps of other health benefits. We've all seen the Milking the Prostate video from the 2000 film, Road Trip. And if you haven't then you should really check out the video here.



The video is comedic, and sure it's a Hollywood dramatization of a prostate massage or milking. However, as with all Hollywood dramatization’s, there is actually an element of truth within the video. Whilst it won't necessarily be as quick as what it is in the film, nor as dramatically pleasurable - it is still an incredible experience. Here are some of the factual benefits of a prostate massage.

·         It can help prevent cancer! Yes, early studies have shown that in cultures where prostate massaging is highly practiced the percentage of prostate cancer in men is much lower. Repeated ejaculation decreases the risk of cancer. Seminal fluid is kept within the body and is constantly being produced. When there is no more room in the body for excess fluid, or that fluid is becoming dated – there is potential for that fluid to become toxic in a way. The body’s defense mechanism for that is to flush it out – which is where nocturnal emissions emerge from or wet-dreams.

·         Prostate massages improve blood circulation to the prostate which helps combats erectile dysfunction by helping the gland produce fluid which will mix with the ejaculate and increase circulation helping with impotence.

·         Prostate cancer isn’t the only disease that massaging of the prostate can help prevent, prostatitis; a prostate infection where the gland becomes inflamed and causes genital pain and pelvic pain and unlike prostate cancer it can affect men of all ages. Massaging the prostate can help reduce the risk of prostatitis occurring.

·         It is useful in combating and dealing with painful ejaculation.

·         It can increase the intensity of orgasms during ejaculation.

·         Prostate massages can be done externally or internally. Internally provides the best sensation and is generally considered to be the most effective.

·         Also another added benefit is it helps those who have issues of frequently needing to urinate at night which commonly happens in elder men. It helps decrease inflammation and the risk of developing an enlarged prostate

·         Milking the prostate ultimately increases your metabolic rate which is fantastic for weight loss.

·         Milking the prostate can help with mental illnesses and fighting depression and other mental health issues. During ejaculation and orgasm the brain releases serotonin which allows effective combating of mental illnesses and to dissipate some of the effects of depression and to stabilize moods and other mental disorders.

·         A big one when it comes to penis and prostate health is when you milk the prostate you push through stagnant semen that was left in the penis and prostate. Eliminating the stagnant semen reduces the chance of swelling and diseases.


male booms

Prostate massaging can be explored by a variety of different ways and that can either be with a sexual partner or via solo use. Prostate massages can be performed with toys, or through the simple exploration of a finger and a glove. Prostate massages can deliver full body intense orgasmic pleasure and one of the more interesting thingsin regards to prostate orgasms is that one can climax without necessarily ejaculating allowing the body to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculation and bypassing the normal refractory period. That being the length of time it takes the body to recover post ejaculation before being sexually ready and able to perform again.

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, it improves overall erectile function and increases seminal fluid and circulation. Who knew that something so fun could be so healthy!

Prostate Massage Tools

Prostate Massaging Devices | Prostate Milking Tools

Tools For Massaging The Prostate | Prostate Tool Guide


Many people consider prostate play to be non-heterosexual and link it to homosexual play. This is most unfortunate as prostate play is actually a very popular form of heterosexual play and in recent years it is becoming increasingly popular regardless of someone’s sexuality. Anal play, and indeed prostate play, does not make someone gay nor does their enjoyment of such play indicate their sexuality in any form. People will inevitably do whatever feels good to them, and their sexuality is linked to how they enjoy their body stimulated. By that I mean that people will do what feels good and comfortable for them, regardless of sexuality. Indeed, most boys learn to stimulate the prostate without necessarily realizing it.


anal toys

During sex, most men will thrust forward penis first, what this does is this places pressure on the anal cavity which in turn places a small amount of pressure on the prostate. For most boys, this is why during ejaculation they will thrust forward and hold that thrust whilst they ejaculate. Further, a lot of men enjoy stimulation to the bit of skin between the base of the balls and ass. This bit of skin, also known as the perineum and colloquially as the gooch, is how to stimulate the prostate externally. By placing a small vibrator on that piece, or stroking it with fingers, finger nails, a tongue or any other form of stimulation can be enough to induce orgasms quite quickly.

As you can see, the prostate is actually known as the male g-spot and with it contains a network of very sensitive nerve endings. Further, the prostate is actually a very important gland for both sex and sexual pleasure and it is essential that we look after it. The prostate is also susceptible to prostate cancer, and research has demonstrated that regular masturbation and ejaculation decreases the risk of prostate cancer. Seminal fluid needs to be expelled from the body before it becomes a hazard. Failure to remove this forces the body to do it itself – which is usually why boys experience wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions. This is the body's way of expelling seminal fluid that has remained in the body for too long and a fresh supply is needed. By holding this fluid in it for extended periods it can cause damage to the gland and reproductive system. As you can see, the prostate is a gland that needs to be looked after and there are certainly ways to ensure that it is looked after.

Consider it this way, prostate play can give incredibly powerful orgasms and help you experience new forms of sexual satisfaction, and that at the very least is worth you trying some new experiences!


So which toy should I choose?

This is where things get exciting. If you’re new to all this, I recommend you follow this step by step guide. It will walk you through the basics of choosing a good prostate stimulator for your personal needs. These are the important things you need to know and decide upon, before buying one.


Unfortunately, there is nouniversal ‘best’ male stimulator on the market. It all comes down to personal preference. One guy might prefer the rumble and excitement of a vibrating toy, like the LELO Loki, another guy may enjoy the simplicity of a standard stimulator, like the Aneros Helix Syn. Ultimately, the best device is one that makes you happy and gets you off.

The easiest way to find the best prostate stimulator for you is to break it up into two categories: vibrating and standard (non-vibrating).



these are generally the most popular as the vibrations help to relax the anus while providing strong intense stimulation to the prostate. Below you will find few of my personal favourite vibrating stimulators.

-         Leloloki wave

-         Leloloki

-         Lelohugo

-         Aneros Vice

-         L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

-         Rocks off Rude-Boy



These are the no frill, standard massagers. They work simply by their anatomical design, perfectly shaped to fit into a man’s rectum and stimulate the prostate. Some are meant to be physically operated. Others are completely hands free, and simply just needs to be inserted, with the squeezing and contracting of the rectal muscles doing all the work.

-         Njoy pure wand

-         Aneros Helix Syn

-         AnerosProgasm

-         Tantus p-spot dildo



The stimulator you should select is subject to your level of experience with prostate play. I recommend that newcomers should begin with a toy that has a smaller diameter or less overall size. One that’s too large will likely cause discomfort when penetrating the rectum upon insertion. I recommend the Aneros Helix Syn, it’s a great starter plug and isn’t too wide so insertion should be simple and comfortable. A man with more practice would probably elect for something larger and wicked. Some toys are as wide as 2 inches! These are not for the cowardly. The Njoy Pure Wand is perfect for the more experienced user and is fantastic for couples play as well.


Materials – 

what the toy is made of: There are 4 main types of materials, plastic, silicone, steel and glass.



Generally, ABS plastic, so It’s hard and rigid with no flexibility. They can be very effective, but they’re just not as pleasing to the skin or your private parts. The Progasm by Aneros fits in this category. Sometimes a rigid toy is just what the doctor ordered, as non-flexible device can really apply to the P spot.



This is the most luxurious choice, in my opinion. Silicone is the most comparable material to skin so you can be surprised itis used in almost every type of sex toy out there, and the ones used in high quality prostate stimulators are also hypo-allergenic and safe for your body.


stainless steel sex toys

Stainless steel

Easy to clean, temperature play, solid and nearly indestructible, stainless steel is definitively the way to go if you want to get down and dirty with something reliable.



This is another common route to go, although I personally don’t recommend it, it is completely safe, as long as you closely inspect the toy before use. Make sure there are no cracks or loose pieces of glass on it. The last thing you want to do is have a shard of glass get stuck in your rectum.



Prostate stimulators can be purchased for as little as $20 and can range well over $250. The amount largely depends the quality of the product as well as your ultimate goal for prostate massage. I believe it’s better to spend a little extra money and purchase a high quality toy from a reputable manufacturer, like LELO or Aneros.


Our Recommendations:

Beginner – I suggest the Aneros Helix Syn for beginners, or those who like a smaller toy.

Intermediate – The Lelo Hugo, LokiWave and the Aneros Vice and are incredible if you’ve already experimented with prostate toys, and want something a little more stimulating.

Advanced – The Njoy Pure Wand is great for guys with prostate play experience. If you want to get really jazzy

Lelo Loki & Loki Wave Prostate Tools

Lelo Prostate Toys | Lelo P-Spot Massagers

Lelo Loki Review | Lelo Loki Prostate Massager


The Lelo Loki is a toy which has stepped away from the female dominated toy company and is specifically designed for prostate play. As with any Lelo toy you can expect quality from this brand and that's little wonder when this toy is often referred to as a Gentleman's essential Toy. It is marketed as the world’s strongest prostate vibrator - but we'll get more to that later on.

Like all of Lelo's toys it comes in a discreet and high quality box. In a change, Lelo has provided a window on the box so you can directly see the toy, and that's all well and good because you need to see this toy before you buy it. The first thing you'll notice is the shape on it and how it is perfectly angled for prostate stimulation. As per anal safe toys, it has a flare at the base to prevent it from being absorbed into the body. But you need to pay close attention to the size. For beginners, I wouldn't recommend this toy being a little larger than your average 'beginner' style toy.

Once you take it out of the box you'll notice the smoothness of the silicone, and how comfortable it fits in your hand. I do recommend that you charge it up before use - even if like me, you were keen to get it started. Because once you start i can guarantee that your eyes will roll straight to the back of your head. Lelo has always been fairly standard in terms of vibrations. They did step that up with their insignia range and the power of the Soraya is pretty decent all things considered, I am not sure whether they've decided to put in a V8 motor exclusively for the boys because they think we need more power or whether this is an indication of the direction and trend they want to set with their new toys.

Let me put it simply; this thing rumbles. It's not a piddly squeak weak vibration this thing is on par with a low setting of a body wand. That's how much it rumbles. Of course it also has a bunch of different settings. What I’ve always loved about Lelo toys is their range of variables in terms of vibrations and settings. Unlike other vibrators which only has preset settings, this toy has a volume control speed. On top of that you can select your own vibration pattern, and then use the volume control style setting to specifically adjust the vibration level for that specific setting! Which means that the combination of vibrations and strength of vibrations is astounding and blows other toys out of the water.


I'm going to comment on why they named this Loki. I'm going to surmise that they decided to be a little cheeky with this toy in the mischievous style that is Loki, as opposed to calling it Thor or something as dramatic as that. Which is unusual because Lelo has always been about dignity and class, and i love that they've decided to go a little cheeky with an anal toy. Maybe that's to take some of the pressure and stigma off anal play, or who knows. Whichever way you want to look at it. I like it. Anyway, i digress let’s get back to the toy.

Despite its tapered end, if you're not used to a lot of anal toys, you might find the insertion of this to be difficult. The head of the vibrator is thick, and I will not deny that in the slightest. But. You'll find that the strength of the vibrations against your sphincter muscles will help distract you, just remember to breathe and use lots of lubricant. Once it's in, it'll fit nicely and snugly against the prostate. The increased size of the tapered end means that it'll sit more comfortably around more people and the larger surface area means that it simply can't miss. Not that the strength of these vibrations will cause it to miss!

For those that like slightly larger toys, or toys that give a fullness feeling, then you're going to love this toy. If you're a little on the tighter side, new or just don't engage in anal play regularlyI will still recommend this toy, but you might do well to introduce a prep toy to the mix at the same time so you're not missing out or rushing the experience too much. Once it's in it's time to ramp it up. Let me tell you, on about 8 or so minutes of moderate vibrations from this thing I was clenching my fists in a full body orgasm that you can only get from prostate play or prostate vibrations. It was quite difficult not to bring the house down when using this thing because let me tell you, it would have been quite easy to do so.

What I particularly love about this toy, is that whilst it can be a bit difficult to put in, because the lower end has a much slower taper to it you'll find that taking it out post orgasm is a breeze. That's my problem with a lot of toys. Sometimes you let your level of arousal take over and you bite off a little more than you can chew which is fine for pre-orgasm. But once you've achieved orgasm and ejaculation, you go to remove the toy and it's a bit painful because your levels of arousal are no longer compensating or taking over your pain threshold. Lelo, whether by knowledge or sheer luck, has overcome this by tapering the end out. It's also useful for not sending the sphincter into shock during insertion by the rapid changes to the tightness of the muscles.



Like  I have recommended with most of the G-Spot vibrators i have come across, so long as you keep this toy clean and sterile, it's also amazing to use it as an external body massager, either for your balls, nipples, shaft or anywhere really. Obviously this needs to be pre-insertion and it needs to be clean and sterile before you use it as like a pre-warm up toy.

At the same time they released this toy - they also released the Lelo Loki Wave. Which - wow. Okay so there's two reasons why i love the wave. Firstly, once inserted it makes a come hither motion slowly and gently massaging the prostate for you and that’s WITH the vibrations going at the same time. So if you've liked what I’ve said so far, I imagine all of that with added stroking of the prostate as well. It sounds a bit intense doesn't it? Go hard or go home is what i say!

Secondly, if your prostate is slightly different or you're at a different angle to usual, you might need a toy with a varied angle. Simply turn the wave function on, and stop it at the angle that you want it at. Turn on the vibrations and vroom off you go! This is particularly useful if you wanted to use it a position where you're sitting down, or even if you just preferred a tighter angle.


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L'Amourose Rosa Rouge Prostate Massager

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge | L’Amourose Prostate Massager

L’AmouroseMens Sex Toys | Top Shelf Prostate Massage Tool


L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

L'Amourose is a fairly new company to enter into the world of sex toys. This French company prides itself on quality and beauty, and I dare say that they have certainly picked up the slack which Lelo overlooks. I'd been reading reviews on line for this and I'd not yet seen anyone say a bad word about this product. Since I'm a firm believer that there's no such thing as perfection, I had to try it myself. I was a little concerned about the price of this toy, since it's even hard to justify the prices of Lelo sometimes, but I was determined to give this toy a go.

It's touted as a premium G-Spot or P-spot toy, and I'll be approaching this review by examining the Rosa Rouge as a prostate Stimulator. When I first received this toy, I was amazed at the box. It's a velvety red and it's a really nice looking box. It's like a designer toy, and though I've always loved the Lelo boxes this was done with an element of class and professionalism that I'd never realised was lacking with Lelo until I saw this box. There's no words on the outside of the box, it's a simple, straight forward with a photo of the toy. It's like how Maserati never has to advertise, it already has its name - and this toy has the arrogance and the class to pull something similar off. I was still hesitant though as once the seal was broken I was going in beyond the point of return. As with all rechargeable toys I popped it onto the charger before I did anything else so I could have some time to examine everything. 


L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

The toy charges slightly different to most other toys, and it reminds me of the Tenga Vibrators which have a base as a charging dock. They say that this toy is completely waterproof, and I'm always very jaded of this information because a lot of companies are misleading and 'waterproof' can mean anything from water resistant, to shower proof, to submersible and even one drop of moisture and the toy is dead.

At the bottom of this toy is a sealed component with two little charging points. A quick examination and you could tell that when they said waterproof, that it was waterproof. Whilst it charged, I went off and made some chilli jam, which takes roughly two hours so when I came back, the toy was fully charged as indicated by the charging light. After a quick wash (I'd been cooking with chilli) I was ready to go. I turned the toy on and was surprised by the deep rumbly vibrations that had been promised to me. I knew from other reviews that the toy was rumbly, but certainly wasn't expecting it to be something this deep.

I was getting hard and excited. It's a littler thicker than a beginners toy so I would recommend that you either ensure that you warm up first or if you're new to anal and prostate play that you get something a little less challenging at first, I increased the amount of lube I usually used and after a bit of wriggling, breathing and relaxing it was in. Once inserted I found a problem. It was a little difficult to push the buttons on the side of the toy to get it started, or rather, I didn't know which button I was pressing and there was an awkward moment of me trying to work out which ones were which. Once I had determined that it was pretty sweet. I do advise that you practice with the buttons beforehand.

With that I started playing with the vibrations, the angle of the toy was perfect for prostate play and the vibrations were really hitting the spot. I was playing with the settings and moving it around. I was a little tiny bit disappointed by the 'Flexi-Shift' technology which simply meant that as I wriggled, the toy would flex. I'm a huge fan of precise, direct and firm P-Spot stimulation but all in all I wasn't overly bothered by the flex. It was still firm, but it wouldn't have bothered me if it was a little bit firmer. The toy, however, is powerful enough to compensate for it and within another few seconds of it purring in my ass, I'd forgotten about it. I had a momentary heart attack when whilst using it and exploring it I started feeling a warming sensation. At first it wasn't really noticeable and I was wondering if something was wrong, but then it quickly started heating up and I was panicked that I’d inadvertently left some chilli on my hands and things were about to get interesting. But no before I could decide whether or not I should engage in some emergency defensive actions - my brain clicked. I'd simply forgotten about the warming feature on this toy. The toy heats up during use to a comfortable 42 degrees Celsius. Which is slightly above normal body temperature, but not enough to burn.


The increased temperature is amazing for increasing sensitivity as the warmth accelerates blood flow which increases arousal. Normally, the first time I use a new toy it’s about me exploring. The goal isn't to orgasm because I'm more interested in working out how to use it, how it feels and I’m usually too busy thinking about the toy and a review to think about getting off. This time however. . . I don't know if it was the warmth or the rumbly vibrations or what it was, but I lost myself. I consider myself lucky that I'm a guy that can orgasm through prostate stimulation alone and I love the satisfaction of watching the amazement on a guy’s face when it happens and I was in the process of adjusting the toy so i could just leave it in when it might have just hit the right spot at the right time and boom it was all over. An intense body orgasm that hadn't been given to me by a toy in a while.

I turned off the toy and lay there for a minute, enjoying the continued warmth from the toy. As I relaxed there, I finally understood why the reviews on this toy had been so good. Even though it seems like there's nothing overly different about it compared to other prostate/g-spot toys, there is. I'm not sure it's definable. I mean, it could be the warmth, the smooth silicone, the angle, the flex, or like an episode of Friends you might not absolutely love every single character but together they . . . just work.

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Rocks Off Prostate Massagers

Rocks Off Sex Toys | Prostate Massager From Rocks Off

Rocks Off Prostate Tools | Rude Boy Massager


Its 2016 now, and a lot of us may be more open to anal play these days, as long as it is a female getting penetrated. When it comes to our own glory holes, we’re not so keen. unfortunately, some of us still automatically assume that anal Love = homosexuality, while others muse over the possibilities, take into account the immense pleasure to be gained due to our own g-spot and all the thousands of nerve endings around the rim, yet still hesitate because “that’s were poop comes out”. Speaking as someone who was quite hesitant at first until I did research and realised, hang on; I’m in possession of something (a prostate) that has a 10% possibility of killing me at some point, perhaps I should get as much fun out of the bastard while I can, hence I’m in love with any chance I get to rub my sweet spot. This is why I’m so excited to talk about the ‘Rude Boy’ by ‘Rocks Off’. The ‘Rude boy’ prostate massager looks to be the massager that could possibly cast my fingers into extinction and give me prostate pleasure that I’ve been dreaming for time after time at a really money for value price.


Like its rivals (the lelo loki and the Aneros vice) the 'Rude Boy' is designed to get at the prostate (otherwise known as the Male G-Spot) and give it a proper milking. Not only does that help deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the prostate, it also has the potential to provide mind blowing orgasms that when if you don’t have a towel handy you might end up repainting the ceiling. The ‘Rude boy’ vibrates as well meaning it will relax your muscles easier and help you get even more intense pleasures, also due to its shape it also stimulates the perineum extremely well. For the guys out there who don’t want a cock looking vibrator up their ass will not have to worry at all, as it looks nothing like male genitalia. If your mate came across is on your bedside table, he wouldn’t know any better, it hardly looks like a sex toy at all, more like silicone covered towing hook you could buy from Bunnings (you are more than welcome to steal that terrible excuse).

It’s made of strong yet soft to touch silicone, with an alarmingly thick girth, if you ask a beginner like me, but that doesn’t put me off this bad boy……I mean ‘Rude Boy’. The best way to tackle this is with some good quality lube, and because of the silicone on this toy is really strong and pretty good quality to so it will work fantastic with SuperSlyde lubricant. Lube isn’t the only thing you need to prepare yourself for this exploration adventure, a towel, some tissues and if it’s your first time…..a considerable amount of time or even a book to read. It takes a fair bit of time of getting used to so make sure you get comfortable. Thanks to the rude boy and our natural pelvic floor (PC) muscles, this toy is actually a hands free toy. What this means is that you can pop this big boy in and let it do its thing why you watch a movie or cook dinner. Sometimes repositioning and adjustments are necessary but most of the time you can get away with doing that hands free just by flexing your PC muscles. Speaking of flexing your PC muscles, doing so is exactly what will help you gain those amazing orgasms, like I said before you will need a bit of time and practice to get a feel for what your body loves but in time you will feel pleasure like nothing else.

First using the vibrator isn’t easy due to the larger size of the ‘Rude-Boy’; even getting it in can be difficult and takes ages for beginners. Some men describe their first experience as “every millimeter feels like an inch, but that’s just for the first few minutes”, unfortunately there isn’t too much to do but fight to relax yourself, which mind you isn’t too easy when, every time it slips out even slightly, you will feel like you’re about to shit the bed, but when you do relax that when the pleasure comes rolling in. Your body will instinctively clench and those spikey bits at the bottom squeeze into your perineum, and that’s when you will realise that there is much more to the male sexual organs then you cock and balls.


Rude Boy Prostate Sex Toys

When you finally gather up the ‘balls’ to press the button at the end, you will then experience what truly makes this toy more likable then it already is. The vibration on the ‘Rude boy’ is surprisingly relaxing and you instantly feel your muscles loosen up. The vibrations are strong but not too intense that you can’t enjoy it…….it’s a perfect medium.

From there, you’re free to do whatever you need to do to shoot the goo out. Some men can achieve orgasm by merely leaving it in and clenching, while others go about moving it around and applying more direct pressure on the prostate. It may not work for you first time, but when it does, you probably won’t have had an orgasm that intense since you were 14 and you thought your genitals were going to explode.

Naturally, it’s not the kind of thing you want to leave under your pillow at night and forget about. Slipping a condom over it takes care of the clean up a bit, but apart from the odd spot, cleaning it up is not as disgusting as you’d think. You always could chuck it in the dishwasher, but that’s pretty un-pleasant, isn’t it?

Overall the ‘Rude boy’ isn’t as rude as you’d think, it takes its time going through the back door but once it’s comfortable its will feel at home and make your eyes roll back into your head…..politely though. The ‘Rude boy’ one of the best prostate massagers in its price category and it doesn’t lack any guts, it will get the job done and what more can you ask for.

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It is important to note that all the information in this website should not replace professional medical advice, and that if you are genuinely concerned about your health and well-being that you consult and seek medical advice. The information contained within this website is intended as a guide only.